we're cool because we have a mixed economy

Why Our Mixed Economy Is Better Than Your Mediocre Economy

Mixed economy is superior to all other economic systems for various reasons, but the main one is this: unlike the others, this style of system includes private economic freedom while still allowing the government to handle the important stuff. It's a low-stress, high-success method of running a society as awesome as Mixopolis.

The Facts

But not the boring kind of facts. How could economics possibly be boring?

In a mixed economy, the "head honcho" is actually a combination of both the government and the people, and the way people are paid is fair and more equal than in a capitalist society. Here, people are allowed to own businesses (and encouraged to), trade, buy and sell freely, hire, fire, protest peacefully, and so much more. Also, the government provides necessities like electricity, homes, streets, libraries, schools, hospitals... every basic need of a city or society. And not only that, but welfare for the poor, social security for the aged and infirmed, and mandatory insurance are also provided by the government. Items are sold independently (by independent businesses and companies) to the public, and at their own prices.

Video. Just A Video.

Because why not? We assume you, like most other examples of homo sapiens in 21st century America, enjoy sitting on your rear and paying mild attention to moving, talking pictures. So here you go.

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mixed economy

For The Man At The Back Who Said Mixed Economies Are Lame

They're actually not, sir, thank you very much.

Some of the complaints about this style of economy are, as said by some haters on social media:

"What about government involvement? It sounds like they hardly do anything, that it's all up to the people." - Johnny Appleseed from Tulsa, OK

Well, Johnny, that's nice. The government is quite involved, actually-- they provide all the basic necessities for the population and they know how to pull the right strings to control the market and help us not make a mess of things. You are, however, right in some sense. The government does have less involvement than in other societies, but that's a good thing, because no one likes a dictator.

"One thing that irritates me is all the rules and regulations the government puts on everything. They won't leave anything alone! For example, the other day, I go to take a smoke at the local pub, when all of the sudden it's against the law, and I'm not allowed to enjoy my break! Then, my buddy wasn't allowed to order a second drink for himself, because of another rule. There's been less and less customers because of this, and that bar might go out of business. It's not fair for the government to put a good, hardworking bussiness owner like [the landlord] out of work. He has a family to feed, and it's the government's fault that he may not have the money to do so in half a years' time. What can you say to that?" - Anonymous, from Central Mixopolis

Anonymous, that is an excellent point, and we have taken it into careful consideration. The reason the government puts laws like that into effect are by no means out of malicious intent; rather, for the good of the people. We understand that you would have liked to enjoy smoking on your break, but the fact of the matter is that smoking is a health hazard, not only to you, but to everyone around you. Same goes with the alcohol law. Your friend wasn't able to purchase two drinks because it's not up to the barman to assume whether he was up for two drinks or not. The risk of having a drunken man on the roads and possibly injuring or killing someone isn't worth it. These rules, though an irritation to some, are for the good of the general people. We are sorry for your and your friend's temporary discomfort, however. You having ten minutes of mild satisfaction would've been well worth a life, right?

Our Final Hurrah Before You Go Back To Your Now Dramatically Enriched Life

En finne, a mixed economy is undoubtedly the best way to go. The government and the citizens are on good terms, everyone stays on their own turf (somewhat. Even the grouchy neighbor comes over to borrow a cup of flour eventually, right?) and the people are free to live life as pleased. So, we encourage you: switch to a mixed economy. It's cooler that way.