Push Pull Factors

By: Joshua song

Religious Persecution

A. North Korea

B. People are moving from North Korea to other places because North Korea is one of the strictest countries of religion. If you are to do your own religion then you may die or be jailed for life.

C. People are immigrating to South Korea and other non religious persecuting countries.

Ethnic Persecution

A. Sudan

B. People are being removed from Sudan and are being killed. There are about 450000 people killed and 2 million expelled.

C. People are migrating to chad.

Environmental Factors

A. China

B. In the northern Shanxi province, nearly 3 million people don't have enough water. About one-third of the province's wheat crop has been hit by the drought and more than 60 percent of its soil lacks water.

They are moving to close by countries without drought problems.

Economic Motives

A. India

B. Many people move to Switzerland because it has a very high employment rate.

C. Moving to Switzerland

Political Factors

A. Iraq

B. The u.s has many more rights than other countries so many people move to the u.s. Iraq has little rights.

C. They move to the u.s.

Forced Migration

A. Arab countries

B. Many Jews are forced to leave the Arabian countries.

C. Many of those Jews will go to nearby places that don't have religious migration.