India Beliefs

By: Karen Ramos

In India there are different realigns. Two of them are Hinduism and Buddhism.The most famous is Hinduism. It consisted of two things, caste system and reincarnation. They also have good karma and bad karma.

Caste system and reincarnation

Caste system was a system that divided the Indian society up into different groups. the caste system was very strict about their rules. There was also this different belief that was called reincarnation. Reincarnation was the belief that you could be reborn. You could be reborn into a higher caste or a lower caste but that depended on your actions.

Bad Karma

Hindu people tried very hard not to have bad karma but sometimes they did. Bad karma is a way to go down a caste. If you where in the caste you could even become out of the caste which are called untouchables. Bad karma was very bad for Hindu people that's why they tried so hard not to get bad karma.

Goog Karma

Hindu people worked hard to have good karma but sometimes they had bad karma instead. good karma would make people go up a caste not down. Good karma is good for Hindu people because if they had good karma for their whole life's they could reach peace completely which is kind of like their heaven.
Hinduism is steal a popular realign in India. They always tried to have good ksrma to be reborn into a higher caste. Hindus want their soals to be the one with bramin.
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Buddha statue

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The fist god is the god of Brahma the second god in the picture is of Siva one is of Vishnu.

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My Sorces

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