J. William Leary Junior High School

Update and Information

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to school! We had an awesome week here at JW Leary. The children were amazing helping us all get back into the swing of things after a long break.

The schedule is a little weird for the week of April 19-April 23, please see below.

Important upcoming dates include

April 19 Start of the 4th quarter!!

11 am - 12 pm Lunch Pack Pick Up

1 pm Remote to Hybrid Orientation; email if interested in attending

April 20 + April 21 NYS ELA Exam

April 21 Administrative Professionals Day (Thank You Mrs. Block and Mrs. Whitton!!)

April 22/April 23 Report cards mailed home

April 28 Parent Cafe; Identifying & Preventing the Digital Exploitation of Minors

It will be from 6PM-7:30PM via ZOOM

To register, go to: https://forms.gle/JTNSKJ6tvecx9Ahc7

Or, contact Kristin at 315-764-3710 x3621

We will be discussing the digital exploitation that may happen to minors from both people that they know as well as strangers online and strategies that parents and caregivers can use to keep minors safe online.

In so many ways, this is an amazing time of the year. Somedays it seems we are seeing COVID more and more from the rearview mirror; other days COVID remains all around us. Please continue daily health screenings, physical distancing in the hallways and classrooms, and keeping the mask on while in school.

Also-if your child is not feeling well, please keep them home.

Monday is a virtual day. All work will be posted in the Google Classrooms.

Tuesday and Wednesday the Junior High School Schedule is:

Schedule for testing days (links to a printable version)

7:30-7:40 Homeroom/Advisory

7:40-9:01 Testing

9:01-9:33 Period 1

9:38-10:10 Period 2

10:15-10:47 Period 3

10:52-11:24 Period 4

11:29-11:59 Per. 6B

12:04-12:36 Per. 6A

12:41-1:13 Period 5

1:18-1:50 Period 7

1:55-2:27 Period 8

Children at home need to login to their meets at the scheduled class time. Remember-cameras are at the teachers discretion.

Thursday and Friday the Junior High School Schedule is:

Normal Class Schedule (links to a printable version)

Homeroom/Advisory 7:20 - 7:40

Period 1 7:40 - 8:22

Period 2 8:27 - 9:09

Period 3 9:14 - 9:56

Period 4 10:01 - 10:43

Period 5 10:48 - 11:30

Period 6A 12:10 - 12:52

Period 6B 11:35 - 12:17

Period 7 12:57 - 1:39

Period 8 1:44 - 2:28

Children at home need to login to their meets at the scheduled class time. Remember-cameras are at the teachers discretion.

All students attending in person must complete the health screening app.

Just a reminder that each student needs to have a “Daily screening form” filled out BEFORE coming into the school.

We have three options:

  • Download + fill out the app-->,
  • This is also a link to an online version of the app http://bit.ly/JWLScreen,
  • Children can get the pink forms from the nurse to bring in each day.

If there are any questions regarding this procedure please call the office 315-764-3720 or the nurse (Nurse Gilman) at 315-764-3720 ext. 3203.

Lunch Pick Up

Did you know that on Mondays you can pick up 7-day meal packs for all students you have enrolled at the Massena Central School Districts? You can pick the packs up at any school in the Massena Central School District, including here at JW Leary on Mondays after 11!

The packs are at no cost to you and you do not need to call ahead. Pull into the parent loop and let us know how many students you have!

The Mohawk Club has rewards for


A note on NYS testing.

Next week begins NYS testing. There are a few sentiments I ask you and your children keep in mind.

These tests are a tool for the school and nothing more.

The tests do not dictate who your child (you) is (are) or who they will become.

These tests do not measure character, nor do they measure artistic or musical ability.

They will not show if your student is the next great internet billionaire nor will they tell us about your child’s skill in the garage.

They simply provide us a window into the health of our instructional program.

I am hopeful we can move through the next few weeks with minimal stress and concern.

A schedule has been provided for planning purposes, as class times are altered.

Please email azullo@mcs.k12.ny.us with questions or concerns relating to testing.

Please follow us on Facebook and our website for up to date information. Thank you for checking out our weekly update. If you have ideas, questions, or concerns please email azullo@mcs.k12.ny.us.

Take care,

Mrs. Zullo, Principal

J. William Leary Junior High School

Grades 7-8 of the Massena Central School District.