5 Themes of Geography

By Harrison Mark


The pictures show where the location of Austin Texas is. The relative location of Austin is southwest United States, and the absolute location is coordinates 30.25 degrees North and 97.5 degrees west.


Austin texas has a very diverse landscape from having big open flat lands on the eastern side of Austin from having rolling hills on the west. The Colorado river runs through Austin in which the people have made into lakes. The climate can get hot and humid in the summer, and in the winter cold and dry. Not only is the geography diverse but also the cultures from all the people that haved moved in during the past years. Austin is a wild, trendy, and high tech city. Our state pride is bigger, our military service is bigger, and of course our music is bigger. No wonder why they say everything is bigger in Texas.


Austin in in the southern region if the United States. Even though Texas as a state is a Replubican state Austin is a democratic city. Austin is also moving into a great era of high tech and business economics especially with all the people moving in. It is hard to put Austin into a specific region in the people that live here because of the diverse people that haved move here not only around the United States but also around the world.


There have been a lot of people moving into Austin for its many attraction such as jobs, music, and the wild life. This makes Austin one of the fastest growing cities in America. In the past people moved into Texas for its agricultural land, and since then people have been moving into to Texas and Austin
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Human Interaction to Environment

People have made many changes in the environment to fit their needs such as the construction of roads to minimize traffic. The construction of dams to trap water to drink and have fun in, and the construction of houses to shelter people. Every day Austin is changing as a city.