Amazing Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro

Being one of the tallest mountains in Africa, you can get amazing views of the world around you. The mountains comes to two peeks called Kibo and Mawenzi. These mountains ranged around 19,540 feet and 17,564. This is the perfect place if you enjoy a good hike once in awhile. This place has breathtaking views that an't around any where else. This place is also perfect to farm crops that range from plantains, and coffee.

Lake Victoria

This lake is one of the most populated areas in Africa for a reason. It is also the largest lake in Africa as well. You get stunning views anywhere you go here. I lies between Tanzania and Uganda. This lake also houses many species of fish and has lots of fresh water if you enjoy a nice fishing trip right next to you.

Great RIft Valley

This valley extends all the way from central Mozambique to northern Syria. The ranges in elevation go to 1,300 feet below sea level and to 6,00 feet above. This place is perfect for just viewing the scenery or taking a nice hike. This place has cliffs several thousand feet tall incase you want to take hiking to an extreme.
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Mediterranean Sea

Being one of the largest inland seas in the world, you can do many things here. Sightseeing, fishing, boating, you name it! This sea is surrounded by Africa, Europe, and Asia. In total, it covers 965,000 sq miles. The shores are also perfect for hiking because some are mountainous. This place also has a large variety of fish and has lots of them.