Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

By RJ Rubio

Short Summary

Brewster "The Bruiser" Rawlins is a tall outcast at his school. He's starting to date a twin named Bronte. Since Brewster is unknown by most, Bronte's twin brother Tennyson is unsure. Tennyson tries to ruin Bronte's date with Brewster by bringing his girlfriend to a golf course that Brewster took them to. He warns Brewster to not hurt his sister. Bronte later convinces Tennyson to give him a chance. On the next date, Bronte hurts her ankle, but the pain is taken away by Brewster. Brewster has a power that allows him to take the pain from another person by touching them, something the twins will find out later on.


I picked this book because the author, Neal Shusterman, visited the school. As I read, it was kind of confusing, but I soon started to feel attached to Brewster. He's so miss understood and tall. He didn't talk to people so he wouldn't take the pain away from others and make them his own. Like making someones problems your problems. He has a love for poetry and a soft side. He and his brother Cody are kept at home by their uncle, where his uncle abuses his power. I had issues with this book, but I'm glad I read it