Camp News

September 4, 2015


This week we began to slowly roll out our regular routine for literacy times. Although we did not accomplish all that I had hoped (new learning curve on devices), students have gotten used to our schedule.

  1. Completed a Reading Inventory (I want to know your child as a reader).
  2. Discussed expectations of behavior as I work with students during guided reading (ask them about the Dr.'s office analogy I made).
  3. Introduced the terms antagonist, protagonist, antithesis and direct characterization.
  4. Worked on close reading (honing in on key details through multiple readings).
  5. Yes, I did say they could read 10 songs from one artist as their poetry requirement on the reading logs.
  6. Practiced our typing skills on our new ChromeBook.

Spelling for our Weekly Test on Friday

  • distance
  • admire
  • method
  • comedy
  • anger
  • husband
  • problem
  • tissue
  • butter
  • mustard
  • petals
  • shuttle
  • enjoy
  • advance
  • perhaps
  • drummer
  • figure
  • regular
  • channel
  • denim
  • avalanche
  • monopoly
  • reluctant
  • adequate
  • tangerine

  • Your son or daughter only needs to practice the words that he or she missed on the spelling pre-test.
  • Writing

    Buddy Bio's

    1. Reviewed Main Idea and Detail from and Abraham Lincoln Biography
    2. Modeled writing with a topic sentence
    3. Brainstormed question words
    4. Interviewed one another to prepare for our rough draft of our Buddy Bio


    1. Enjoyed finding math naturally in the world around us.
    2. Familiarized ourselves with our Student Reference Books.
    3. Introduced arrays for multiplication, prime numbers (flipped learning- you'll learn more about this at curriculum night), factors, factor pairs and their products.


    Enjoyed a fun time with two problem based science activities: Saving Sam and the Spaghetti-Marshmallow challenge. The emphasis was problem solving and working cooperatively.

    Curriculum Night

    Thursday, Sep. 10th, 6-8pm

    10920 Reed Road

    Lake in the Hills, IL