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First Grade Update

By the Elm Class

This week we wrote the newsletter together. Teachers asked first graders what they wanted to tell their families and this is their message to you.


We brought in share. We tell the class about it. We say, “I am ready for questions,” and people ask questions that we answer.

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We have been reading a lot, reading and looking at pictures. We need to take care of our books so they last for along time. I like it when we read lots of books because it makes me feel like school is lots of fun. You can read in the basket.

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Big Blocks

We have been building with big blocks. We made houses and rocket ships and stuff you can get inside of. They are real heavy, you can tell your friends to help you lift it. We someone needs help building with the big blocks they are working together. You can make a house with the blocks and a castle too. When people are building and you see a block on the floor you should ask if someone is using it.

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Our teachers are fun because they take us outside. I like recess because I like playing with the hula-hoops and I jump rope with them. I like going to the court with my friends. I can play freeze tag and all different stuff. I like when we go to recess and play with the hula-hoop and ball. We can balance balls and catch the balls. I learned that if you take the hula-hoop and let go while spinning it will stay! Some bad news, I want to go in the park to play at recess but we always go in the basketball court.


When it is exploration time and we have new materials we tell our families that we have so much fun at school. I like it when we have big blocks and little blocks. In exploration I always live pop-cubes.

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I hope we go on a school field trip. I want to go on a school field trip because you get to explore the city of Brooklyn. I would go to a zoo. We can see animals like giraffes.

Teacher notes

Water Bottles

Thanks to the generous offer from an Elm Class parent, the first graders water bottles can be washed regularly at school. This means that students can leave their water bottle at school and it will remain clean.

If you wish, first graders can take them home for the weekend. Please remember to send them with a new bottle to start the week on Monday.

Beginning of the Year Assessments

Starting next week, teachers will begin assessments with each student. These assessments allow teachers to get a sense of each child's unique learning needs. We hope to complete this work in mid October in order to create instructional groups.

Teacher Contacts