How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Surviving the Undead

Admit It

You KNOW that the zombies are coming in the nearby future. Here's a little guide on how to survive the apocalypse.

Subject One: Supplies


When you're running from zombies, you want to have the best clothing that looks good and is durable. The best top is a tank top or a tight fitting T-Shirt. The less clothing hanging out, the better. The best bottoms for both genders are either tight yoga pants for girls or cargo pants for guys. This will allow you to stay cool while running. For footwear, anything that you can run in and that has texture. You want to make sure you won't fall. If you are wearing high heels or shoes that you can't run in, take them off and run to the nearest shoe store. Remember, nobody will care if you steal shoes during a zombie invasion.


When attacked by zombies, you need something to fight them off. Weapons can be machine guns, knives, or even homemade weapons. The best weapon you can have is a handgun. You can shoot long distance and short. If you do not have any access to any guns, a knife tied to a long pole will be the best option. Even just a long, sharp-pointed pole will be fine. If you do not have access to any of these, make your own weapon.
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Food will become a major need during the zombie attack. The best type of food is canned, ready-to-eat, or packaged food. Make sure to bring a backpack for the food. These types of foods are going to be needed at all times, so make sure to go to your grocery store during the attack.

Subject Two: Area

It happens during school, work, or somewhere outside.

You are either in work, at school, or outside. Suddenly, you see a person getting eaten by a dead person. The best way to survive is to run. Once you get to a safe place, you will be able to gather supplies. In most situations, people may go crazy because of the insane thought about dead people coming to eat and may try and kill you. Stay with somebody you know, and get inside a transportation vehicle.

Inside, Safe and Sound.

If you and some other people are inside, don't get comfortable. The zombies may attack the house or place you are in. Make sure to gather supplies, get some sleep, and leave to another safe area in the morning. It's very critical to do this since the place can get attacked at any moment.


Zombies are the undead. They feed on the living, and the living become the undead. The zombie's teeth contain a virus that can spread very quickly inside the human body. Also, the zombies only have one sense. Hearing. If you were to drop something made out of metal loudly, they will hear and come to you. They can't run, even walk, but they have enough strength to break wooden doors down.

Subject Three: Allies and Survival Tips


It does not matter if you are traveling with a close friend, partner, teacher, or even a stranger. In the zombie world, it's best to keep a close group of people who have abilities. In a group, you will need:

A doctor (Someone with a first aid kit)

Several people who can fight with weapons

A cook (Hey, you need food!)

Someone who is strong ( To carry supplies)

These are the requirements for a group. Any defenseless child or adult can be taken in if needed.

Zombie Apocalypse Training

Extra Training

Training with a handgun

You're Ready! I'll See You During The Zombie Apocalypse!