Raleigh Hills Newsletter

December 13, 2019

Weekly Message

Dear Raleigh Hills Families and Community,

Being part of the Raleigh Hills community is such a joy. I want to thank all of the volunteers who give their time every day to help our students grow. If I haven't talked to you in person, please let me take this opportunity to thank you. We couldn't do this without you!

As we near the winter break, I want to remind you that students thrive on consistency. It is tempting to change bedtimes or to go see the lights on a school night. Yet, we know that keeping routines like meal and bed times really helps students thrive at school. We still have a week of learning to go and we appreciate your help keeping students ready to learn.

Next week is Spirit Week! Please show your school PRIDE by dressing the part on each day! For elementary the schedule is:

Monday - Neon Day

Tuesday - Sportswear Day

Wednesday - Mis-Match Day

Thursday - RHS Day

Friday - Pajama Day

For Middle School the schedule is:

Monday-neon (pick 70’s or 80’s if don’t want to wear neon)

Tuesday-Sportswear (wear a sports team outfit)

Wednesday- Twin day (Twin with someone)

Thursday- Mono-chrome day (wear one color head to toe)

Friday-Pajama day (wear pajamas)

It will be a fun week! Thanks to the middle school students for putting this on!

Warm regards,


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Celebrating Student Learning

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Middle schoolers have been working hard on their Volleyball unit. Students were practicing serving, rotating and calling out the score all while they tracked their steps. It's important to stay active! Just ask a middle schooler.


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How much should students read over winter break? As much as humanly possible. What kind of books should they read? Any one they're interested in.The amount of reading students do at home is a better predictor of future academic success than any other factor including socio-economic status! In the announcements below, please find the information about all the fun things going on at the library over the break. Join in the fun and encourage your students to read over break!


Unscheduled Dismissal - What's Your Plan?

During an unscheduled early dismissal, schools will use the emergency closure plan you indicated for your student in enrollment and enrollment verification. During the online process, you were asked to indicate what the student should do in case of emergency or early school closure.

The three options were:

  • Pick up by Parent/Emergency Contact/Daycare

  • School Bus to Home/Neighbor/Daycare

  • Walk/Ride Bike/Drive to Home/Neighbor/Daycare

If you don’t remember what you selected, you can check by logging into ParentVUE and clicking on “Student Info” in the left hand navigation. Your selection will be displayed at the bottom of the page under “Other Data.”

If you wish to change this plan, contact your school or update through ParentVUE using the Family Updates and New Student Enrollment button. The fastest way to update your information is to call the school.

Please make a note of the option you selected and keep the information somewhere handy, in the event of a future early school closure.

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Middle School Boundary Meetings - WE NEED YOUR INPUT

Dear Parents:

The Beaverton School District has held four (4) community meetings with the Middle School Boundary Adjustment (MSBA) advisory committee. Attendance boundaries for all of the middle schools are being considered for adjustment and the advisory committee is seeking community input from residents in the central and southern part of the District.

The City of Beaverton is planning for almost 7,000 new residential dwelling units in the Cooper Mountain area near Mountainside High School over the next 10-15 years. Which middle school(s) should serve these new developments? Do you have reasons why your neighborhood should attend a different middle school? Do you understand that changes to attendance boundaries in the north part of the District will impact other attendance boundaries? Are you concerned about the potential for the size of student enrollment at middle school?

If you are concerned about any of these questions, or if you have other questions about the MSBA project, please visit the District's MSBA web page (link). Read the materials, visit the advisory committee calendar, and/or submit written comment to the committee. Please come to an advisory committee meeting or watch the meeting livestreamed in real time. The district wants and needs to hear from you.

Thank you for your support!

Ajuste de Límites Territoriales de Asistencia de las Escuelas Secundarias (MSBA por sus siglas en inglés)

Queridos Padres:

El Distrito Escolar de Beaverton ha tenido cuatro (4) reuniones comunitarias con el comité asesor de Ajuste de Límites Territoriales de Asistencia de las Escuelas Secundarias (MSBA por sus siglas en inglés). Los límites de asistencia para todas las escuelas secundarias se están considerando para que se les hagan ajustes y el comité asesor está buscando la opinión comunitaria de los residentes en la parte central y sur del Distrito.

La Ciudad de Beaverton está planeando casi 7,000 nuevas unidades de vivienda residencial en el área de Cooper Mountain cerca de la escuela preparatoria Mountainside en los próximos 10-15 años. ¿Qué escuela (s) secundaria (s) debería(n) corresponder a estos nuevos desarrollos? ¿Tiene razones por las cuales los niños de su vecindario deberían asistir a una escuela secundaria diferente? ¿Entiende que los cambios en los límites de asistencia en la parte norte del Distrito afectarán otros límites de asistencia? ¿Le preocupa el potencial para el tamaño de la inscripción de estudiantes a nivel de la escuela secundaria?

Si está preocupado por alguna de estas preguntas, o si tiene otras sobre el proyecto MSBA, por favor visite el sitio web del Distrito (enlace). Lea los materiales, visite el calendario del comité asesor y/o envíele sus comentarios por escrito. Por favor venga a una de las reuniones o vea la transmisión de estas en vivo. El distrito quiere y necesita saber de usted.

¡Gracias por su apoyo!

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Library Happenings over Winter Break

December is just around the corner! Just wanted to let you know about some of the neat things happening at the library over winter break. We know that students need to read, read, read to succeed! Let the library help you over winter break!

Winter Break Programs: Every day of winter break there will be something new to do at the library from 2-3 PM for kids in grades K-5 and their families. With balloon rockets, fantastic forts, pop-up cards, and a penguin party there is something for everyone! We hope to see a lot of Raleigh Hills kids drop by to see what’s happening!
Note: Beaverton City Library will be open all of winter break except on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1, and we’re closing early (5 p.m.) on Dec. 24 and Dec. 31.

We are hosting our unofficial Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) Practice Battles on Thursday, Jan. 2! OBOB teams can test their knowledge against teams from other schools in a situation much like they may face in the regional/state tournaments. If students from your school want to participate in the library’s practice battles, but their teammates can’t make it, they can still register as individuals, and we’ll place them with a team the morning of the practice battle. Team and individual registration required at www.BeavertonLibrary.org/Register (registration opens Dec. 2)

Other December Events at Beaverton City Library (English and Spanish PDFs of the school flyer)

Main Library:

Jumanji Scavenger Hunt
Mitton Ornaments/Adornos de mitóns
Noon Year’s Eve

Murray Scholls Branch Library

BeyBlades Tournament
Time Travelers Club: Dinosaurs
Time Capsules

6th Grade Healthy Snacks Workshop - THANK YOU

Thank you to the RH community for fully funding this project! Kids made pickled veggies, toast and smoothies. It was a great time and a wonderful learning opportunity for our 6th graders!