5.8 Weekly Update

2016 Pan American Academy Charter School


First off, apologies that you are receiving this a day later than you might have expected. I spent a busy weekend in Philadelphia eating all of the Wawa and digging into the details of what our days and weeks will entail this summer. Important pieces are starting to come together and before we know it, we'll all be sitting together on Sunday night preparing for our very first day with corps members. (woohoo!)

Can I talk about Mother's Day for a second? (I'm going to.) Here's the thing about being someone's mom and being a teacher. I find that now, more than I really thought about before, I think about my students as someone's children and that totally fires me up. I think about what I would insist upon for Wyatt and it makes me insist upon more for my students. This is not to say that I had my feet up before being a mom, but I have a different lens these days. I've been thinking a lot about what it would mean to deliver more to the students of Pan Am this summer and while I have a few, concrete ideas, I am mostly looking forward to picking each of your brains and working alongside each of you to serve the children of a lot of mamas.

Have a great week!


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Action Items

Team Call #2 (FYI)

Monday 5/16 from 7:30-9 is our next team call. We'll spend time going through the INV SLS you're working on this week and I'll be sending out some additional pre work and a finalized by COB Wednesday of this week (it will be ~30 min worth). Let me know if you have questions!

ISAT Exploration (FYI)

ISAT exploration activities will be available beginning 5/13 (it was mentioned as this week in our scope and sequence). Amanda will signal when you need to begin the exploration in an upcoming update.

CMA Action Items

SLS INVEST Part 1 (90 min by COB Sunday 5/15)

Use this link to locate INV Part 1 on the SLS site. You'll be looking at classroom to build your skill in analyzing the culture of achievement in our summer classrooms. This is also prework for our team call on Monday, 5/16. Please make sure that you're referencing the student indicators for Access and Personal Growth in the TAL Wheel as you work through this exercise. That is not a step specifically called out in the documents but it will help us orient to the tool.

From the IMT (FYI, In case you missed it)

Background Check/Clearance Paperwork [ACTION REQUIRED BY 5/22 COB, 30-120 MINS]

See the 4/24 Update for guidelines for clearance paperwork. Easy logistical piece that can cause headaches if not taken care of.

Accessing Soft Copy CMA Session Materials [CMAs, 10 minute download and review]

Hey CMAs! Here is info on accessing session materials that we referenced at ASC:

§ All of your session materials can be accessed in soft copy from a BOX folder document library. Here is the link: https://teachforamerica.box.com/s/n4th1i1p0uae9c17nvrzb7fbggpourxc

§ On this same site, you will also find a word document called 2016 Session List for CMAs which includes a list of sessions, details on which sessions apply to which schools and CMs, and dates when the sessions are likely to occur on the final calendars.

§ You will also receive session facilitation assignments from your SD, so make sure to take a look at those before you start prepping. We often pair CMAs for facilitation of larger sessions to decrease the number of sessions each person needs to prepare to lead and create opportunities for collaboration for staff and CMs.