Got clubs? This beauty queen from Thailand will most likely join it! Natwalee who also goes by the nickname Parn belongs to the movie club, Thai dancing club, cooking club, English club, Aerobics club and Thai boxing club. She says ‘to take part in everything enables me to gain more experience and try something new’. During the week Natwalee stays with family friends in a condo and attends school and on the weekends she returns to her small village where her dad is the village headmaster and her mom is a business owner. During Thai festivals she helps her mom sell Thai desserts and sometimes helps at her aunt’s restaurant by waitressing. Natwalee enjoys this as it allows her to meet new people. After a two-week trip to Singapore, Natwalee developed a thirst for learning about new cultures and environments. This eager student is hoping to be able to bring her Thai culture to your home while you share the American culture with her. She knows that adapting to a new environment and opening her mind to new concepts and ideas is key in having a great experience. She hopes you will accept her into your family and hopes to establish friendships that will last forever.


World Heritage would love to keep the spirit of the foreign exchange program in your area! If you, or someone you know, would like to host, then please contact me at

It's not just a year in your life but a whole life in a year! Hosting a World Heritage student will benefit your family in so many ways. You will not only be making a dream come true for a student, you will be making a positive impact in the global community without even leaving your home.

  • Choose a boy or girl that matches your family's interests!

    • Make a difference in the life a 15-18 year old student from many countries in Europe and Asia.

    • Enrich the lives of your own family!

    • Teach a student about American values and culture!

    • Build a life-long friendship

    We are looking for host families for this 2014-2015 academic year. The requirements are simple: Provide a bedroom (with a bed, dresser, and a desk), have access to a bathroom, provide basic meals, and have English as the primary language spoken in the home. Students come with their own money and insurance. Host families can claim Student Exchange on their taxes.

    The time is to act now!! If you would like more information on hosting an International student please contact me soon at or go to to apply today


Once you apply, you will be paired with a local representative who will be your liaison in finding the perfect student, like Natwalee, or any others who would love to find a Host Family like you!