Andrew Jackson

The Worst Person Ever

Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson wanted the Cherokees to get out of Georgia so plantation owners could grow more cotton and get more money. But the Cherokee were angry so they sued the national government and went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said that the Cherokee couldn't be kicked out of their own land, but Jackson didn't care. He kicked them out anyway. All the Indians were put on a small reservation in Oklahoma. The travel there was the worst, many people died of lack of water, food, and weather. More than 50 percent of people died.

Nullication Crisis

The Nullification happened because of the Tariff of 1832; many Southerns were mad about over paying for tools and goods from the Northerners. South Carolina was especially mad so they threatened to leave the Union. Congress passed the Force Bill to get South Carolina to pay their taxes and the bill gave Andrew Jackson the power to send the national army after South Carolina. Andrew Jackson also threatened to hang the governor of South Carolina. They soon created a compromise to lower the tariffs.

Spoil System

When Andrew Jackson was elected president, many people came to his inauguration because they thought he was giving out jobs. Then Jackson fired all of the cabinet members and hired the people that voted for him because he felt like he owed them. This is called the spoil system. He hired most of these people because they didn't know what they were doing so they couldn't impeach him.

Political Cartoon

This cartoon shows Jackson after the Indian Removal Act. This cartoon is called The Great White Father because he is white and he thinks he knows whats best for everyone. This cartoon shows a giant Jackson playing with the Indians like they don't matter and they can do whatever he tells them to. He thinks he can control them.

Cherokee- Negative

Andrew Jackson,

You are a evil, selfish person. You killed most of my tribe with your white army. You can't take us from our land after we have been living there for hundreds of years. We are not going on some terrible, dangerous trip so you can get money for cotton.


Mad Cherokee

Northerner- Positive


You are the best president ever! I am one of the richest people in my town. Because of all of these tariffs on foreign goods, I get to raise my prices on goods. The Southerners can't do anything about it since I have great tools and they can't buy from anyone else.


Happy Northerner :-)