Awsome Ocean!


Sharks live in every ocean in the world! Sharks are known as tough predators, but humans are more rough then sharks. Some sharks filter feed witch means they filter plankton like the Basking Shark and the Whale Shark. Evan the biggest animal filter feeds, the Blue whale. When a shark has a torpedo shaped body it can go faster like a Blue Shark.


Rays are fierce predators! A Atlantic Torpedo has a 011 volt charge! Manta Rays filter feeds and sometimes eats small fish. Some rays camflauge in the sand cover them shelf with sand. There nick-name is pancake sharks because they are flat and they are the closest relatives to sharks.

Some of my favorite animals

Naughty Nautilus

Nautilus live solitary unless they are mating or they just happen to meet. But back to mating, the females lay eggs and blah blah blah. Then they leave the eggs and go back to their solitary lives. Nautilus are slow swimmers, so they hunt on the sea floor to catch shrimp, crabs, and other prey. There are 2 types the Paper Nautiluses and the chambered Nautiluses.
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The Chambered Nautilus

Prehistoric Fish