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From the CSA

Greetings LAC! While I am happy to wish you a Happy Spring, I'm still a bit baffled that we had some snowfall this week! As April comes upon us, please be mindful of the calendar revisions due to the snow days and the upcoming dates for the statewide assessment, the NJASK, for grades 3-8. As always, feel free to contact me at if you ever have any concerns. Onward! -Jay EItner, CSA

In Mrs. Maniglia's Kindergarten classes...

Kindergarten classes have been super busy in the month of March! From the leprechauns going crazy in their classrooms and teaching students about St. Patrick's Day, to learning about seasons, to reading more and more words every single day! We even had a great assembly from NJ Transit on being safe by the railroad tracks and on busses!

In Ms. Williams' 4th grade math classes...

The fourth grade has been studying many new skills in Math class. We have recently learned how to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers. The students are also working on a Delaware Estuary project at home. Their projects are going to be submitted to DuPont in attempt to win a field trip to the nature center. We will find out if we won the contest at the end of April!

In Mrs. Lombardo's social studies classes...

7th graders have been busy learning about the many changes that took place in the great American West prior to the American Civil War. Advances in technology, transportation, and industry were massive, and students have spent some time researching inventors and inventions of that time period, that invented items that changed our world. One such invention, Morse Code, by Samuel Morse, inspired our students to create their names out of clay, and into a Morse Code necklace. Students researched the Morse Code alphabet using a very fun website,, check it out!