The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Brenden Gill


Walter Mittty's true personality is expressed through the actions he performs in his dreams.

Claim 1

Walter Mitty argues when with his wife in the hotel, showing that he is a fighter on the inside. He defys his wife by saying "i think too!" This shows that he is like a ticking time bomb ready to blow and show eveyone who he truely is.
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Claim 2

Walter also shows his creativity through his day dreams. He takes people from the real world and turns them into his dream's conflicts or characters. His also uses his creative day dreams to escape the real world because the real world is to boring for him. The reader knows that he visulises the real is boring because of the conistincy that he goes into day dreams.

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Claim 3

His dreams also show how he wises to be seen the real world. His dreams give Walter a posative vibe and makes him feel useful. His dreams make him feel respected and smart by his peers. This is shown though the number of times that he goes into his day dreams, showing that he enjoys his day dreams.
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In conclusion, Walter Mittys personality is expresses through the actions and events that take place in his day dreams.