Research and Evaluation

February 2016

What should I be doing for CAASPP in February?

Site Coordinators: In conjunction with school Psychologists and Case Managers, Coordinators should be verifying that the test settings in TOMS are in agreement with IEP and 504 documentation. Please contact Dan Winters, Director of Research and Evaluation if any changes are necessary.

Teachers and Students: You should be exploring the Interim Assessments as well as the Practice and Training Tests. These will help you gain familiarity with the tools and expectations of the SBAC summative assessment.

Interim Assessment Feedback Form (embedded below)

What are we learning about teaching and learning through administering the Interim assessments? In an attempt to capture the anecdotal evidence from across our district, I'd like you to please share this form widely to students, teachers, and administrators.

You can view everyone's responses here.

Smarter Balanced System Downtime

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 9pm to Sunday, Feb. 28th, 9pm

The Internet

The Interim Assessment Viewing System, as well as the Smarter Balanced practice tests and training tests, will be unavailable during scheduled downtime this month: 9 p.m. Wednesday, February 24, through 9 p.m. Sunday, February 28. All other CAASPP online systems will be available, and there will be no interruption to the interim or summative assessment Test Delivery System.

CAASPP Testing Window

Smarter Balanced Grades 7, 8

Feb 22 - June 3

Smarter Balanced Grade 11

April 13 - June 3

California Alternative (CAA)

April 11 - June 3

CST Science

April 18-29

CST Nuts and Bolts

Friday, March 11th, 9am

690 L Street

Chula Vista, CA

We still have CST Science for Grades 8 and 10. They even do it on paper - remember that?

Video of the Month Courtesy of Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey

Rigorous Reading

Research and Evaluation

Our mission is to serve the SUHSD community by collaboratively developing information systems and assessment protocols that inform better decisions in order to enhance student and staff learning and overall flourishing. (February 2016)