Emily Murray's Science Lab

Shafer Science 6

Introduction to Science 6

During this science unit my class made paper meter sticks. We and our table partners helped measure each other. We measured weight with triple beam balances. We also learned about qualitative and quantitative observations. Plus we learned about comparing and contrasting. Another thing that we did was that we learned to used microscopes. We also learn about latitude and longitude. We learned how to read maps and why they are important. We did special labs like looking at sand salt, and the letter e. My favorite thing that we did was doing the salt lab at the start of the unit. We learned about the parts of the microscope and then for the first time, we had the chance to use them!! The salt under the microscope looked like crystals. They actually had bubbles inside of them. I was astonished at the sight of the salt. It looked so intricate. That is why the salt lab was my favorite part of the introduction unit. The purpose of this unit was to gain need Science skills to be a scientist.

Intro to Me

Hi, my name is Emily Murray and I am 10 years old. I am on a Wildfire Gymnastics team. I have been doing gymnastics for three years. I have a mother, father, older sister named Lily, and a puppy named Eli. He is just the cutest thing. He is a chololate Labradoodle, a Poodle and a Labrador. My sister is in her first year at Marist College, a private liberal arts school in New York. She is on the division 1 girls wwaterpolo team. My mom is a nurse practitioner and my dad is president of the OCTA, Orange County Transportation Athourity and the president of the OCFA, Orange County Fire Athourity. He is also a city council member and former mayor of Tustin.

Emily Murray