OPS Tech Leaders (OTL) Program

Formerly known as the MIE Program

What is the OTL Program?

A cohort of educators across the Omaha Public Schools district passionate about technology integration to drive student success. We work to connect School Improvement Plans to a variety of instructional tools as well as strategies to support digital citizenship/well-being, digital classroom management, and digital literacy. #OTLProud

OTL Member Goals

  1. Try new technology integration ideas that support your students;
  2. Facilitate a technology committee in collaboration with school leadership to support:

  • School Improvement Plan
  • Common Sense Education Plan
  • Technology Management Plan

Program Opportunities

  • Collaboration amongst members with each other, district technology trainers, and product developers
  • Communication via Microsoft Teams with all members for sharing of new updates and tips
  • Professional Learning Pathway opportunities face-to-face and virtually
  • Build skills as a leader in instructional technology
  • Option to deepen learning and earn an endorsement through our Instructional Technology Leadership (ITL) program

Benefit of Program to District and Schools

  • Engagement and success skills increased with technology integration across curricular areas
  • First line of support for peer educators in schools
  • Members have created technology committees to collaborate with school leaders
  • Presented for Curriculum Day breakout sessions and local/national conferences
  • Provided support for district ELA curriculum adoption field test

Quotes from Previous Members

Every year I participated in the MIE (OTL) program, I was able to tie my technology goals and learning to our building SIP goals. The MIE (OTL) program was tailored specific to us. We used data-driven strategies to spend time on specialized skills or pathways that would bring the most back to our building. Spending time with other like-minded educators also helped me hone skills that set me apart as a leader in my building. The field of educational technology is ever-changing and it's important that educators receive opportunities like the MIE (OTL) program to learn. We aren't provided these opportunities at our buildings otherwise. Even to raise the lowest standard of technology integration, time to talk and collaborate is essential. Without this time set aside, innovation cannot flourish. ~ Erin Solheim, Walnut Hill

As an MIE (OTL) Emeritus, I can confidently say that this program has helped our school to identify teachers interested in taking a leadership role in tech professional development and created a pipeline of "go to" trainers for tech sessions throughout the year. I work in one of the largest buildings in the district -- our big staff benefits from the MIE program every day. ~Beth Eilers, Central High

The MIE program allows for connections, communications, and collaborations within the district and allows participants to translate and work towards the district's goals in technology with their individual buildings. Without the program, I believe there would be some major links missing when it comes to technology integration in OPS. MIEs (OTLs) past and present are liaisons between district and building. ~ Ashley Wells, Hartman

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