Garlic Mustard AKA Alliaria Petiolata

Garlic Mustard

  • Garlic Mustard produces a characteristic fragrance of garlic from all part of the plant. Plants grow 2-48 inches (5-128) high. Basal rosettes have dark green kidney shaped leaves.
  • It native plant from Europe and brought by boat and early colonists from Europe to the United States.
  • Garlic Mustard are found in North East, North West, Middle States and Alaska.
  • It a threat to the forest ecosystems of the Mid Western and Eastern United States. The Garlic Mustard grow out of control other plant can't survive also can't survive are invertebrates and other consumer can't survive.
  • Control burning weed torching and herbicide may be useful larger populations.No single method is 100% effective and full control often requires a strategy of multiple techniques consistently applied for many years.