Rapa Nui

by: Charter and Rebekah

Summary of Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui is Easter Island and its 2,000 miles in the Pacific Ocean near South America. Moai are 17 tons and 17 feet tall volcanic rock with faces on them, they live on Easter Island. Some people believe that they walked to where they are today. Others believed that they where moved in an up right position from the volcano. Erich Von Daniken thinks that space aliens or robot like things helped move the moai. It is still a mystery how they got there.


Q. Where is easter island located?

A. South america

Q. Who were the first settlers on easter island.and where did they come from?

A. Europeians


Q. What are some of the biggest mysteries surrounding rapa nui?

A. Moais and how the got there.

Q. What do you think the moai was used for?

A. Scaring people away.

Q.How does the mystery of rapa nui compare with other historical mysteries you have read about?

A.We dont read historical mysteries.

Comprehensive Questions and Answers

Q: What is the Topic?

A: Moai

Q: Infer the main idea of the first paragraph?

A: It was about Rapa Nui, which is located 2,000 miles in the pacific ocean near south America

Q: Why do you think that was the main idea?

A: It was about Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Q: Infer the purpose

A: Inform

Q: Explain how you know that is the purpose

A: It’s telling you about Rapa Nui


This is were we got are facts.



The book was called The Secrets of Rapa Nui by Lily Balfour

our video is called moai and how the thought the walked

Fact and Opinion

1. What is the Opinion in the passage?

Priests believe that the Moai could walk.

Explain how you know that is an Opinion

Because they believed

2. What is the fact in the passage?

Moai live on Easter Island

Explain how you know that is a fact

Because people who live there see them