A Visit to Elmshorn

Where is Elmshorn?

  • in Germany
  • 1758km from Viljandi
  • near by Hamburg

picture URL: http://bit.ly/1NjII7m

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How can we get there?

  • flight from Tallinn to Helsingi
  • leyover in Helsingi
  • flight to Hamburg, it takes about 2h
  • Hamburg to Elmshorn by bus

The history of Elmshorn

  • Elmshorn had many companies in the food industry
  • Elmshorn was first documented in 1141
  • Great flood of in 1756
  • The first mayor of the city was John Bornhöft
  • On April 24, 1750 there was a big fire

What to see in Elmshorn?

  • Waterpark
  • Industrial museum

  • Altona Museum

Elmshorn today

  • Many restaurants
  • Food factories
  • Many landscape

What would you like to ask about Elmhorn?

  • Why do you like to live in Elmshorn?
  • What's the best thing in Elmshorn?
  • What's the population of Elmshorn?
  • How many castles is in Elmshorm?
  • What's the most popular sightseen in Elmshorm?