4AB Math Class

With Ms. Ramsey 10-14-16

Dear Parents,

We will spend the first 15 minute of class Monday finishing our Chapter 3 Test. Then we will have a introduction lesson to fractions, and I will discover what my students already know about fractions! I will not give homework next week, so your child can work on Study Island if they'd like!


This is an additional resource for your child to use at home! http://www.studyisland.com

All assignments for the year are made :) At the beginning of every month, I will activate new assignments I have created. The assignments go in order of what we are learning. The assignments will close at the end of the month. Please log on this weekend and see what assignments are posted :)

Your child's login is the same as FSA connect, and you should be able to accesss it rom the FSA connect page. If you have any issues, please email Mr. Turan at nturan@fultonscienceacademy.org


Chapter 6: Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Vocabulary: Numerator, denominator, equivalent fraction, unlike fraction, mixed number, simplest form, improper fraction, fraction bar, division rule, multiplication rule


Ms. Ramsey

Third Grade Teacher

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