By Jayden Bailey

World War 2

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The start

World war 2 started when Germany attacked Poland on September 3rd 1939. The two sides of the war were the axis and the allies. These are some of the wars and effects that were in WW2

Woman in world war 2

WW2 had a big effect on woman in many ways. About 350,000 American woman served in uniform.Some worked from home and some worked from abroad.They were inspired by the British using woman in their army .When the war started teens were marrying their loved ones before they went overseas which became normal for a while.
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Artifact #1

"My love is gone overseas for the war.Us women are taking the men's jobs while they are at war.I'm thinking of joining the women's Army Corps (WAC).My friend Lucy is in uniform,her job is driving the trucks and helping repair airplanes.I'm joining to be a nurse because i want to help the men of America."


The battle included over 5,000 ships, 11,000 airplanes and over 150,000 service men which were all mostly under 20 years old and ended Hitlers dream of Nazi domination.The battle took years to plan and much thinking.Many men were injured or dead with there being 10,000 casualties with 4,000 of them being deaths.
D-Day video

Video on D-Day from History.com (4 min)

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Artifact #2

These are the landing zones on Normandy beach

Pearl Harbor

This military strike by the Japanese is what brought America into WW2.The morning of December 7, 1941 at 7:48 (Hawaiian time) 353 Japanese fighter planes dropped bombs on the USS West Virginia.About 90 minutes after the bombings 2,008 sailors were found dead and 710 were left wounded. After that WW2 changed when America entered the war with America being a major power proved after WW1.
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Artifact #3

Bomb shell from Pearl Harbor
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