LOCKED IN: Nazi Youth Camps

Nazi Youths Train to Fight in German Camps

Summary of Event

Nazi Youth kids were trained to fight. They “lived”and were trained in Nazi youth camps. This took place during WW2 (1939)! This was because Hitler was afraid of losing the war and needed more people to fight for his cause. There were over 50,000 youths in these camps involved in these camps to further the German war machine.


Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. During the six years of war, Hitler trained kids to fight. Most put into war at 18. They were trained during the day, and working through the night. The kids got one meal a day and didn't get to play or laugh.

Over 20,000 kids were put into Nazi Youth Camps. During WW2, Hitler placed kids into camp to be trained. There training consisted of gun , running, fitness, and bomb training. These camps were scattered over Europe to help the main gunmen in war. Hitler did this because he didn't want to lose the battle. To him, the kids would be a last group to go into war. The Nazi soldiers would go around taking children away from there family's. They went to camp usually never to be seen again by there family because they would die in war. If you were lucky and went into war near the end so you could see your family again. But first Hitler brainwashed the leftovers. He thought that they wouldn't remember what he did to them. Nazi youth had bad life's
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Hitler Youth Summer Camps 1941 (color)


“When the Nazis came, I was seven-years-old and I still remember it,” Hilmar said. “My father was asked to join the Nazi party, the national socialist workers’ party. He refused and he lost his job. There was never, in my own thinking or in my parents, any identification with the Nazis and with Hitler.” Hilmar

Hitler’s poison propaganda targeted Germany’s children too.

“Hitler had immediately eliminated all the youth corps,” Hilmar said. “Then he passed a law which said that every boy or girl that’s ten years has to go into the Hitler youth. That was a law and my parents had no choice.” Hilmar

Hitler was setting the stage for a heinous plan: the systematic, cold blooded murder of Germany’s Jews.

“In 1938-1939 began the collection of the Jews from their homes and into working concentration camps, which were explained to us as working camps,” Hilmar said. “A hundred percent of the media were all controlled by the Nazis. What they gave us was news tailored by them to learn, and to act accordingly.”- Hilmar


  • There were over 50,000 children being trained in Nazi Youth Camp.
  • They had to leave there family never to be seen again.
  • They got 1 meal a day.
  • Hitler "brainwashed" the children after done with war.
  • Children go to war before age 18.


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