May 2016

What you need to know before the school year is OVER.



Technology is collecting teacher laptops this summer and preparations should be made to backup your data.

All desktops will again be imaged early this summer, all office staff and paras

should back up their data and if special programs need to be reinstalled a note needs to be left on the monitor.

All technicians will be helping with Chromebook collection and elementary techs may not be on our campus for the remainder of the year unless an emergency arises.


Chromebook Checks

Chromebooks towers should be inventoried by teachers before the last day of school. Any missing devices should be reported immediately so actions can be taken to recover missing devices.

Any abnormalities should be listed on a paper attached to the tower with specific information (i.e. Chromebook #3 won’t charge, Chromebook #12 is missing screws, or charger #10 doesn’t light up).

Put in a helpdesk ticket for any broken Chromebooks.

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Backup! Backup! Backup!

Don't forget to backup all the items on your teacher laptop and desktops in your room.

You will be getting a new laptop from the district so it is extremely important to get your files off your current laptop. Please watch these videos from Amy Meyer that will assist you in this. These are GREAT!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

If you are leaving NCISD you will lose access to ALL Google and District accounts on the last day of the school year. Please view Part 3 to use Google TAKE OUT. If you still need assistance please let Carissa Davenport know. Remember to print all certificates from Eduphoria also.


Chromebook / Tablet Collection (PK - 2nd Grade) & Chromebook Tower Keys

On May 31 you may start bringing your Tower Keys, Chromebooks, Tablets, and power cords to the Library to turn in.

The devices will be housed in the Library with your name on them so you receive the same ones back next year.

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Summer Access through Clever

All students will continue to have access to Think Through Math & Istation in the Clever portal over the summer. A Clever login button is located on our campus homepage so that students can login. Please share this information with your parents and students.
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