🍁 Canada in 2060 🍁

How Will Canada Look Like in the Year 2060? |By: Jackson Liu

Introduction 🍁

Canada's has an economy that is growing rapidly, But how will it look like in 44 years?

There will be drastic changes in Canada over 44 years. From now to 2060, The lifestyle, and technology are going to be changed over time either for the good or bad. But here are 3 important topics that will change rapidly over the course of the 44 years.

The Three Topics 🍁

Immigration 🍁

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Canada takes in about 250,000 immigrants annually. That is a stunning amount of people coming into Canada every year.

Immigration Laws

In the upcoming years, The immigration laws are going to change a lot due to the fact that Canada is mostly looking for economic immigrants that can contribute to Canada. The immigration laws in Canada are already pretty tough. For some people it takes months! Also Canada is making it harder for people to bring family members over.

Yet again Canada will be taking a step forward in the system and improve it so that it may be easier than it is now. There will also be more job opportunities, which is why economic immigrants will be attracted to Canada. There will be many unheard about jobs now, That will be jobs ready to have people working in the future.

Family Immigrants

A huge amount of individuals would need to rejoin with their families particularly since a few nations are heading towards overpopulation prompting an inundation of family settlers supported by a relative.


Hopefully refugees will not be the most kind of immigrant coming to Canada. Yet on the other hand Canada takes in refugees ( Canada let in over 25,000 Syrian refugees in 2016)

But having economic refugees would help out the economy better, Since Canada is in need of people that can contribute to society or the children. Because children still have potential and they can choose the path they want to follow. Wars also impact the amount of refugees coming into Canada because if people feel unsafe in the environment they are in, they would most likely to move somewhere else.

Push and Pulls

Presently clearly the reason anybody would come to Canada is for the draw elements that won't change. Which is a great deal in the following 44 years as the sense of security and trust in Canada. It is clear that the immigration rate will increment as Canada is a decent nation for individuals who need security and an enhanced life however, where might these Immigrants originate from?

Most of the immigrants originate from Asia and Europe. In the next 44 years there will still be people trying to immigrate to Canada from those nations to find a better environment for themselves and their children. Most of these people would like to live in Vancouver or British Columbia since it is closer to Asia, So it will save them money on their flight back if they wanted to visit.

Taking everything into account, The immigration system will not change that much. But Canada will be seeking for more immigrants to fill in the drop of the population. That is why Canada wants more immigrants.

Canada closing door to immigrants
Denied Entry to Canada

Aboriginal 🍁

Aboriginals, the first relatives of Canada that had land stolen from them. We can say they are fortunate since they are not paying taxes but rather that is nothing compared to with what they endured. We can't characterize aboriginals as one major gathering as they split off into three separate groups. Inuits who live generally in the northern piece of Canada/Nunavut that have the area organized for them. MΓ©tis who are of European and Aboriginal decent that live for the most part in the east of Canada. To start with countries who generally live in the southern piece of Canada. Statistics suggest that the Aboriginal population could increase to approximately 1.4 million by 2017 from 1.1 million in 2006. The proportion of the Canadian population that identify themselves as Aboriginal is due to increase to 4% in 2017 from 3% in 2001. To all Aboriginals this is great news considering how few of them there are today.
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Demography 🍁

didn't see a huge amount of progress in immigrants or aboriginals however in demography there would be a huge amount of change. Right now, Canada is in stage 4 of the demographic transition model since we have an even amount of births and deaths. That is one of the reasons why Canada is more developed than other countries.

Our present conception rate is 11/1000 individuals and our death rate is 8/1000 individuals which is sensible for a nation, for example, Canada. Most families have around 1 or 2 kids today while in those days having more than 3 children was a norm.

The birth rate is going to diminish significantly more since the country is being overflowed with people so we need to stabilize the amount. we have to settle it particularly with the measure of immigrants coming into the nation attempting to work and live in Canada. The death rate will diminish a bit however not as much as the conception rate since we will show signs of improvement innovation to help those in need yet not ones that make every one of us everlasting and live for eternity. It may shoot up for a couple of years since people born after World War 2 are going to pass away.

Also there will be a point in the future, Where people will be fighting over clean water and natural resources that are becoming rare, due to mankind using it up


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