The Northridge Earthquake Relived

Avalon Dela Rosa

The Northridge Earthquake

“The Earthquake itself sounded like trains crashing into each other.” When Katrina Lake was twenty-four years old the northridge earthquake hit. It was 4:30 am when the ground began to shake and the plates began to move, the magnitude of the earthquake was a high of 6.7. “I was so terrified that I said my last rights because I thought I was going to die. It felt like the quake took seven or eight minutes and the whole room felt like it was vibrating around you. When I ran to the arch between the closet and my bedroom, boxes began to fall down on top of me. ”

There was a long pause and a sigh. “Soon after, I checked over the duration of my apartment. Nothing was broken but tons of things had fallen down to the floor. The next day, I was able to get the television to work and found out the duration of the earthquake was only ten or twenty seconds long, that the ten freeway fell down, that the earthquake was centered in Northridge, and many people’s lives were saved because the earthquake happened on a national holiday very early in the morning.” Katrina finished.

“Finally, when I came outside a few days later I saw a 1 foot wide crack that continued along the street I lived on. Most of the apartments were deemed unsafe on the street because they had fallen down in the earthquake. Overall the whole experience was traumatizing but I learned that constant change is part of life and you have to embrace it.”

“Some advice I would give on how to prepare for another earthquake would be to always be prepared; have special backpacks packed with all the necessities like extra clothes and space blankets. Also, remain calm. Don’t be afraid, remind yourself that you are okay and you do not have to worry. Last but not least, find ways to keep yourself feeling safe. If you have a favorite item or belonging hold onto it and pack it inside your earthquake backpack.” Katrina concluded.

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