Faster Computers For all schools!

By: Jaren, Jason, Spencer, Keifer

Faster School computers!

Is your schools computers/laptops slow and out of date? Well we are trying to get the school to have a change in laptops that they are handing out and I hope you can support us in it. The laptops my school is handing out are called the Dell Latitude 2100 and 2110, Otherwise know as a netbook. Its slow has very little memory and is built for windows XP (2100 version). With a microphone on the lid (2110 version) and updated to windows 7 (Updated on both versions due to the school) makes it slow and very annoying. Most of the software on it is not up to date and we cant update it because then we would need to have an Administrator Username and password. It has a buggy mouse, Screen, connection, and isn't very well built. It can break very easily and take awhile to charge up and drains fast. The Picture below is the Dell Latitude 2110 and comes in black at my school. Check out the video as well. And have a great day!
This is a short video explaining the Latitude 2110 laptop that my school is handing out for use inside school. Made by ComputerActiveTV and found on youtube.
Review: Dell Latitude 2110 netbook computer