Tornadoes paragraph

Tornadoes can cause terrible disasters. Tornadoes can shoot hail sometimes, hail is created when small water droplets get caught in a updraft thunderstorm, tornadoes can shoot them if hail get caught. Tornado researchers are still trying to solve the tornado puzzle about when it starts and when it stops. Waterspout tornado is very weak and form on water, but can move to land. Landspout is very weak, and made with water. Dust devil are made with the sun and moves on land, but sometimes it is not harmless. That is why Tornadoes are very terrible disasters anywhere.

tornado damage

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tornado poem


Tornadoes mostly come from thunderstorms,

but tornadoes mostly come from when warm moist

air from Gulf of Mexico and cool dry air from Canada mix

and starts to spin around until it is a funnel shape,

some tornadoes can move fast and some can move slow.

You can kinda see the funnel shape forming in the clouds,

I saw one when I was about 10 I was outside and I saw a funnel

shape but we did not have a tornado, but after a couple months

I saw another one and we did have a tornado storm, so if you see a

funnel in the sky it might be a tornado warning.

One mile wind to 50 miles long in a

average year 1,000 tornadoes are reported

if they go slow you can kinda see the dark grey,

green clouds swirling in the sky

that’s how slow they can get.

A change of wind direction and increase in

wind speed with increase height

if you hear close, you can hear

the wind screaming as loud as a jet

and the winds howling and whirring towards you to

take down what is ever in its where.

Be careful about Tornadoes.!!!!!