Michael Vey:The Prisoner of Cell 25

By: Richard Paul Evans


Michael Vey is not an ordinary teenager, he has the ability to shock people with surges of electricity. Michael is not the only one with special powers. The electro children as they are called in the book are in the care of Dr.Hatch who is on the hunt for the other 2 electro children not in his custody. There are 17 in total and Michael and Taylor are the only ones needed to have gotten all of the electro children and complete his plan to complete his plan of making every one electric so that it will be a better world.


This book mostly takes place in Michael's apartment, The high school where he attends, or the Elgen Academy. The high school is the place where Michael ends up getting bullied, this is also where Taylor finds out about Michael's powers from when he shocks the group of boys who were bullying him at the time. The Elgen Academy is very advanced in technology, which most is used to observe the kids on why the are electric. The Elgen Academy is also very rich, the spends millions on each kid just to make them feel welcome by buying them expensive gifts like jewelry, or a trip. The academy when the kids first end up their they think it is all fun and games and gifts, but it's not, it is evil.

Book Reviews

“. . . my 13-year-old grandson picked it up and began reading the first chapter after I had put it down. He remarked, “Papa, hurry up and finish reading this, I want to see where this story goes.” I already know where this is all going: Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25 is going to be another bestseller for Richard Paul Evans. The book is electric.”

"Michael Vey is one of the most original thrillers I've come across in years. It's rare that a book can appeal to a young adult just as much as their parents-but Evans has pulled it off."

“A fast paced, entertaining read with an engrossing storyline and well developed characters…I think [Michael Vey] is going to be a fabulous new series by Richard Paul Evans. It’s exciting, full of action, snark, unique powers and has a group of teens who are worth reading about…I definitely recommend picking this one up.”



I think two of the many themes of this book would be friendship and staying true to who you are. So the first one, which is friendship, I believe that the way the get along and stick together during the book form this theme to the book. During the time Taylor is in the academy, Michael tries as hard as he can to get Taylor back even though the academy is very dangerous for him. The other theme staying true to who you are I feel like works more with Taylor. Taylor is in the academy, and getting everything she would have ever wanted and she still wants to leave the academy because she knows that it is dangerous.


About the Author

Richard Paul Evans born October 11, 1962 is a known international author from the point he wrote his book, The Christmas Box, which is a #1 seller. He had written the Christmas box about his love for his 2 young daughters at the time, and it became a hit. Once he found out the good news, he became a full time author. He is also on the fiction and nonfiction best seller lists which is very hard to achieve. He has a wife named Keri Evans, together they have 5 children and one grandson. He has written 25 best selling books nationally. Evans has won 6 awards for his writing. 4 of his books were turned into movies including The Christmas box, Richard Paul Evans created the character Michael in his Prisoner of cell 25 series after his son and himself. His son who has the name of Michael has tourettes syndrome and so does Richard Paul Evans. One specialist agreed to helping Evans with diagnosing his syndrome because one of Evans books was helping him heal after he lost his son. Richard Paul Evans is currently working on the Michael Vey series.