Yoga for You!

September 28th 10am - 12pm @ Lhotse Yoga Studio


Great for beginners and seasoned yogis, alike; whether you want to jumpstart your practice, or are looking for a new spark of inspiration - this is the place to be. Through effective sequencing you will learn to explore each pose, honor your body, and tap into your creative fire. Come unroll your mat with us!

take aim --> in your practice. in your life.

Meet the Instructor: Niki Nadeau

Starting her personal practice almost 5 years ago, Niki immediately felt things starting to shift for her, and has had a love affair with yoga ever since. After several years of cultivating her practice, she recently went through yoga teacher training, stepped into the teaching role, and is developing Arrow Yoga. Niki is a hands on teacher, providing gentle, yet powerful adjustments, teaching you how to explore each pose for your body. She will help you utilize the support of your breath, tap into your core, build strength, and increase flexibility, finding balance and clarity on and off your mat. With roots in Forrest Yoga, she has pulled inspiration from several yoga styles, and mentors, to hold a safe space for personal exploration and liberating your inner warrior.

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. (unknown)