Night of the Twisters

By:Ivy Ruckman

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Those three were the main characters but here are all the rest:

  • Mrs. Smiley- she is the nice old lady that lives down the street from Dan.
  • Mom- Dan`s mom, she is very nice.
  • Dad- Dan`s dad, he is always at work.
  • Ryan- Dan`s baby brother, Dan didn`t like him until the tornado happened.
The tornado happened and nobody knew what to do and people were getting split up from their families, but after many hours Dan found his parents after the tornado stopped. Dan didn`t really care for Ryan in the beginning, but by the end of the book Dan wanted to protect Ryan all he could.

Summary of the book

First Dan and Arthur are going to Dan`s house for a sleepover. Dan and Arthur were watching the television and then there is breaking news that a tornado that touched the ground was spotted. Mom tells Dan and Arthur to get Ryan and go to the basement. Once they get to the basement it starts to flood and they were trapped. Stacie saved them though. Then, Dan sees Mom, and Mom let Dan, Arthur, and Stacie go see if Mrs. Smiley was okay. They find Mrs. Smiley in her basement and get her out safely and take her to the bus that was taking everyone to K-Mart. Later Dan, Arthur, and Stacie were in Officer Kelly`s police car, and they got caught in one of the tornadoes. Officer Kelly got glass in his eyes which made it impossible to drive. Dan drove instead all the way to Headquarters. Once they got to Headquarters Officer Kelly`s eyes were taken care of right away. Meanwhile, Dan, Arthur, and Stacie were told they could sit in a jail cell, have food, a place to sleep, and shelter but after awhile they left. Dan went to K-Mart to find his parents and Ryan but a man working there said that all the people that were at K-Mart were sent somewhere else. Dan had lost all hope until he saw his dad`s car with Dad, Mom, and Ryan. Finally Dan had found his family! One Summer later Dan, Arthur, and Dan`s family all lived at Grandma and Grandpa`s farm for a while. Arthur`s whole family had to live in different places than the rest of the family because they didn`t have any big place to live.


Most of the story takes place at Dan`s house, K-Mart, and the Police Headquarters.

  • Dan`s house is where he lives.
  • K-Mart is where all the survivors went.
  • The Police Headquarters was where Dan, Arthur, and Stacie were took for shelter.