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September 1, 2021

News from Lakeridge Middle School

First Days of School Success...Thank you!

What fun to have your students here and learning with us on campus. Thank you for sending them ready to learn each day and for trusting us with your kids. We appreciate how engaged, kind, and energetic they have been as we've launched this school year. We also appreciate your continued support as we help kids keep each other safe with distance, masking, frequent hand washing, and safe dining choices. Our community's commitment to keeping everyone healthy and in school is showing up with your kids each day. Thanks!

Thursday schedule reminder

Tomorrow (Thursday) is our first early release day of the school year and the day when we run a slightly different schedule to allow time for advisory and also for teachers to collaborate after the student day ends. Your child will be released at 3:01PM. Our daily bell schedule is on our website and pictured here.

8th Period Advisory

We value time to connect with and build relationships with students in all our classes. And, we know at middle school, dedicated time for students to focus on their social emotional learning, positive peer relationships, and problem solving skills is essential. On Thursdays, our schedule has dedicated time called advisory when students will engage in this work with their peers and teachers in many ways including elements of the adopted Character Strong curriculum. Watch for family follow-up messaging in future newsflashes about what kids are learning so you can extend that learning at home too. Students' advisory teacher is listed as "Period 8" on their schedule though the published bell schedule calls out this time as "advisory."

Parking Lot Tips and Tricks

Thank you everyone for your patience as we all learn our new parking lot. The bus lot is for busses only, no parent vehicles please. The pickup loop is a busy place at the end of the day. If you're arriving early to queue for pickup, we suggest parking in the parking area of the lot. You can still make a quick getaway once students are dismissed and this allows more room for queuing cars that are arriving behind you. Talk with your student about your plan to park in a space and they can walk right out to you rather than having to meet you in the line. There is also curbside parking near the baseball fields to the east end of the lot. With a few extra steps you may be able to exit sooner than waiting in the queuing line.

As always, watch out for pedestrians, skaters and cyclists!

Fire Drill

We'll conduct our first fire drill of the school year tomorrow to help students know what to expect in the event we need to evacuate the building for some reason. Students received instruction about this today and will get more instruction tomorrow as well. We conduct routine safety drills each month and will work to keep parents informed as well.

Signups start this week for Cross Country and Volleyball!

Our fall sports, Cross Country and Volleyball, start on September 13th. Signups for fall sports open by Friday online and everyone is welcome to join either our Cross Country team or one of our volleyball teams. Signup through the community schools website and complete a downloadable athletic clearance form. You have to complete both of these to start practice with us on September 13th. All sports here at LMS are no-cut, so everyone is welcome to participate, have fun, and become a better athlete. Practices and games are usually right after school. Sign ups will be here when they go live later this week:

Athletic Clearance Form

Middle School sports will be back this year with Volleyball and Cross-Country this fall, Basketball and Wrestling in the winter, and Track and Field in the Spring. Middle school sports are all-comers, no-cut sports and we welcome everyone to participate and improve with their teammates. Part of the registration process includes an athletic clearance form (each year) and a physician's clearance (every two years) is one section of the form. If you're headed to the doctor for a well-visit before school starts, you could take this form with you. It's available on our athletics website here.

Theatre Auditions

Live Theatre is back at LMS!

No Experience needed, Please join us for auditions the week of Sept. 13th for our production of Elf Jr.

Go to this google classroom to find vocal selections to audition with:

Class code: N2lc74w

See Mr. Dunwoody if you have any questions!

Student Clubs

We're launching our student-run clubs for the year soon. Not sure if there will be the right club for you? Start one! Here's the form:

Yearbooks, Activities, and More

We do not charge class fees for any student. LOSD provides all materials students needs to participate in their classes. In future editions of newsflash, once we've launched classes for the year, we'll share details about how to purchase a yearbook, and other school items like school spirit wear, PE uniforms, and more. All these items will be available for purchase at our Back to School Night on September 14th as well. In the meantime, if you'd like to participate in our Parent Teacher Organization's effort to enrich our academic and co-curricular experiences here at LMS, you can make a donation to PTO here:

Learning our routines

Wondering what we've taught kids this week about some of our school-wide systems and routines? You can see first hand some of the things we've been teaching students and help reinforce these expectations at home: First Week School-wide Info

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

A Letter from your PTO President

A letter from the PTO President,

Hello! My name is Brian Madden and I have the privilege to be the PTO President for Lakeridge Middle School for the 2021-2022 School year. The first question often asked of me is “What is PTO?” PTO stands for “Parent Teacher Organization.” Other schools might go by “PTA”, and even some are plainly referred to as the “Mom and Dad’s Club.” No matter, Lakeridge Middle School PTO’s main objective is to fund raise for our Academic Enrichment Fund in order to enhance our children’s learning environment via community building activities, curriculum support, and facility enhancements. Some examples of the line items that PTO supports are:

*Art Literacy

*Student/Family Directory

*Guest Speakers

*Back to School Events


*8th Grade Celebration

…..just to name a few.

In order to achieve these objectives, however we need your help to assist in the following:

  1. Meetings: Attend in person! During our meetings we will provide important information on all upcoming events. Our meetings are already scheduled for the upcoming school year. Here are our 2021-2022 PTO meeting dates and times:

Oct 13 6:00pm, Nov 10 9:15am, Dec. NONE, Jan. 12 6:00pm, Feb. 9 9:15am,

Mar. NONE, Apr. 13 6:00pm, May 11 9:15am.

  1. Volunteering: We could not run a successful PTO without the help of our fantastic volunteers! Any amount of time is greatly appreciated!

  2. Fundraising: We have several fundraising programs to support our mission at LMS. Our primary source of income is the Academic Enrichment Fund. In lieu of an auction, the LMS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) collects this voluntary donation once a school year. Please donate directly here. This is PTO’s primary source of income to fund essential classroom needs that are outside of the school budget, but that are deemed a value add for the most impact to all students. Funds support all academic areas including science, arts, technology, and emotional support for students. A donation of $150 per family is suggested, however, any amount is welcome and appreciated. Please don’t forget to check with your employer for a corporate match! Our organization is a 501c3 nonprofit and donations are 100% tax deductible.

Additional, supplementary sources of income include our Fall Pie Sale (details coming 9/27), our spring Flower Sale, and our Community Partners Program. If you own a business, consider signing up as a Community Program sponsor for the 2022-23 school year! Look for information on how to sign up this Spring.

Special thanks to our current 2021-22 partners (Partners) Luxe Christie’s International Real Estate, Wm. Keith Dozier, LLC; (Sponsors) Crosswater Strategies, Delplanche Orthodontics, (Friend) Qiong Li.

Lastly, we are lucky to have so many talented people in our community that have volunteered their time to help serve on all the different PTO committees. I would also like to take this time and introduce to you the Officers who have agreed to serve on the Executive Board for the 2021-22 school year:

Vice President: Maria Kimberling

Secretary: Ashley Foster

Treasurer: Ahnawake Kriese

Assistant Treasurer: Amy Fowler

Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Foster

Fundraising Chair: Sarah Howell

Our entire PTO board looks forward to working with you all on another productive school year! If you have any questions, or would like to contact me with any ideas, please email me at

Kind Regards,

Brian Madden

…proud dad of LMS 8th grader Beatrice, and 6th grader Kellan

Academic Enrichment Fund

For the 2021-22 school year, we are asking for $150 per family to fund the Lakeridge Middle School Academic Enrichment Fund, which is managed by the LMS PTO. Donations to the PTO are 100% tax deductible and often eligible for corporate match. Check with your employer! Invest in our students today!

Show your support now!

District Information

Fee Waivers

Requests for resident fee waivers or fee reductions, except for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), will be processed using the attached form. Please complete the form and submit it to the department or school which collects the applicable fee or fees.

Food Service Information


This school year (21-22) the Lake Oswego School District will be offering breakfast and lunch meals* at no charge to all students. Breakfast meals will be served in Grab-n-go style as students arrive to school. Our lunch meals will offer healthy tasty entrees, fresh fruits and vegetables with a seasonal rotation of local farm produce and organic products when available.

*one breakfast and one lunch per student per day

For information about Food Services, please visit our web page.

For information about part-time job opportunities in Food Services, please visit the employment web page:

Routine and Repeated Reminders

Daily Announcements

Want to read what kids hear during the announcements each day? They're available here.

Want to see what's scrolling on our electronic signage right now? You can see it live here.

Last Week's Newsflash Information

Are you looking for repeated info from a previous week's Newsflash? We try not repeat info too often because we want to focus on the news you need the most each week. If you're looking for info from previous editions of Newsflash you can browse our archive here:

Connections and Supports

Picture Day- September 3rd

Picture Day is coming up on September 3rd. You can see details about school pictures, info about ordering, and more here.