The things I would like to accomplish in middle school and High School

In my schools I am going to accomplish many things.One of the things that I am going to accomplish is getting high school credits in middle school.I am also going to keep good grades throughout my education life like I have done until now.Another thing I am going to do in school is staying in the school's bands.

About my middle school and future high school

The middle school I am at right now is named Tanglewood Middle School.This school is very fun.They offer many things one of the things they offer is Chromebooks for all the students and teachers.This school also have related arts which are Chorus,Band,GTT,Art,and PE/Health. Tanglewood also offers after-school tutorial.These are all the programs I was in at Tanglewood Middle School Algebra Honors,Art,Band,Black History Celebration,Book Fair,Career Education,Chorus/Concert Choir,Chromebooks for All Students,Drama Club,Duke Talent Identification Program,GTT Lab,Hispanic Heritage Month,Laptops for All Students,and Reflex Math.Also this schools colors are Blue and White.A centurion is the symbol of Tanglewood Middle School. Greenville Senior High is the high school I would like to go to.Greenville Senior High School offers many extracurricular clubs and activities in which students can participate. A detailed directory of extracurricular activities and clubs containing club description, coordinator, contact information, meeting schedules and requirements can be found in the school office. The following is a list of GHS activities/clubs.
  • Academic Distinction Award
  • Academic Team
  • Advanced Placement
  • American Education Week
  • Athletic Booster President
  • Athletic Director
  • Band Booster President
  • Band Director
  • Beta Club
  • Career Development
  • Chess Club
  • Chorus
  • Color Guard
  • CPR Trained Staff Members
  • Cultural Arts Contact
  • Diversity Committee
  • Drama Coordinator
  • Ex Libris Student Book Club
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • French Club
  • Future Business Leaders of America
  • GCEA Representative
  • Graduation Sponsor
  • Grievance Representative
  • Interact Club
  • ITV Contact
  • Key Club
  • Latin Club
  • Literary Magazine
  • Mock Trial Team
  • Model UN
  • National Honor Society
  • Newspaper
  • Parking Coordinator
  • Peace Center Outreach Program (POP!)
  • Photography Club
  • Press Box Manager
  • Prom
  • PTSA Faculty Representative
  • Renaissance
  • Senior Counselor
  • School Improvement Council
  • Skateboarding Club
  • Social Chairman
  • Speech and Debate Team
  • Special Olympics
  • Spirit Committee
  • Staff Development/lnservice
  • Student Council
  • Student of the Month
  • Sunshine Committee Chairman
  • Teacher of the Year (2012-2013)
  • Technology Coordinators
  • Teenage Republicans
  • Vending Machine Contact-Student Canteen
  • Voter Registration Coordinator
  • Yearbook
  • Young Democrats
  • Youth in Government

The college I would like to go and why why I would like to go there.

Although you may say I am crazy the college I would like to go too is HARVARD UNIVERSITY.The reason I would like to go too this school is because its a very good school.
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