Basic Consumer Rights

Right to safety

CPSC has a jurisdiction that makes every company put warning labels on the product and test it. Examples are if a company puts a product in the stores without warning labels or hasn't been tested, and a consumer buys this product it can harm them or even kill them.

Right to be informed

This right is to make business's provid correct truthful information about the product. Examples are if company's give incorrect information about a product they can be dangerous to consumers.

Right to choose

The right for companies to make multiple products for consumers to buy. Examples are if a consumer has very few or no choices of this company they might dislike the company and not buy products from that company.

Right to be heard

This right lets the consumers complain about the product if it doesn't work. Examples are if a company doesn't care about the product and ignores the consumers complaints they can lose money from the consumer not buying anymore products for this company.

Right to satisfaction of basic needs

So the consumer has access to the multiple products. Examples are if a consumer doesn't have access to the companies products they might stop buying from them, so the company will have to make more products for the consumer.

Right to redress

The consumer receives a fair explanation of the product. Examples are if the company gives no or little information of the product it will cause consumers to not care for the product and not buy it.

Right to consumer education

To have knowledge and skills to make the right choice about your product.

Right to a healthy environment

To live and work in a safe environment.

Consumer protection

So that consumers don't get ignored. They get help that they need.