Life during the new deal

Tori McFarland

Roles of women during the new deal

- Eleanor Roosevelt played a major role in FDR's presidency

-Frances Perkins was the first women to head an executive department in national government

-women were in many new deal agencies

Roles of African Americans

-Hastie was the first African American court judge

-The black cabinet was where African Americans were signed to higher jobs also called the "black brain trust"

-He saw that there needed to be a new change so he worked hard to change things for the better

Artists during this time

-Wizard of Oz was made in 1939

-Gone With the Wind was another popular movie during the 1930's

-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)


-Jazz was really popular back in the 1930's

-They also where big in musical movies

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- Baseball was really popular during the 1930's

-People where very involved with baseball, they played lots of games. people enjoyed watching baseball

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