World War II Poems - TPCASTT

By: Adam Troutman

Title: One Has Gone

1st Opinion: Only One Remains


We drink to him as comrade must
But it is still the same old story
A coward goes from dust to dust
A gunner from dust to glory.

We celebrate to him a brother should

The story stays the same and does not change

A person who lacks courage will not flourish

Someone who is brave and courageous will be highly renowned and praised


Drink- celebrate

Coward- One who lacks courage

Gunner - operator of guns (couragous)

Glory- notable achievement (well known)


Honorable, powering, celebration. The author states in the poem "We drink to him as a comrade must". He is implying that every man will be celebrated, but the courageous who die for putting their life on the life will be remembered for their actions.


"But it's still the same old story". This line revels the authors knowledge that a coward will not be as known after his death than when he was living. Being courageous is what always makes people remember you.

Title Revised:

2nd Opinion: Two Have Left but One is Still Here


A courageous death will make you live forever: If you leave life because of a choice to save the lives of others your life deserves to be remembered and glorified more than someone who did not go out as courageously,