Romanticizing War

Zianna Robinson and Chris Rivera

Identifying the issue

Romanticizing war is to make war seem glorious in anyway or think of it as a beautiful thing.

  • Promoted as being a way to make a positive difference.(By all sides)
  • Some people feel like they are apart of something big/important.
  • Soldiers lives are given for the greater good.(Benefit many others)
  • Patriotism is the best way for people to attribute their lives.

Romanticizing in Depth; Hellish Aspects

War structures and shapes most of our history: the nation was forged in war (American Revolution), divided by war (Civil War), Emboldened by war (World War II), and radicalized by war (Vietnam).

  • We tend to speak of war in positive, patriotic, and Manichean terms: wars for ¨freedom¨ and ¨liberation¨ wars to ¨extend American Democracy¨and ¨Protect our American way of life¨; ¨good¨ wars versus ¨evil¨ enemies

The birth of the nation, the end of slavery, the empowerment of certain marginalized people the defeat of fascism, communism, or terrorism.

All of this involves glossing over the hellish aspect of war.....

  • Immense violent
  • Death toll/ civilian casualties
  • Suffering of loved ones
  • Physical/ physiological trauma
  • Devastation of land and people

Historian Howard Zinn says ¨Our addiction to massive violence¨

Military Personnel

  • Not only is war glorified, but the soldiers are deified as heroes
  • In the forces, honor is drummed into the recruits from day one. The honor of the country, the regiment and the platoon all come down to the honor of the individual. Including personal integrity and loyalty, honor is bound tightly to just pride and accolade.

  • Just to join up and put on the uniform sets you apart as courageous and heroic.

The status of hero is created by society as ultimately desirable.

The military advertise the benefits of learning skills, comradeship and a generally good life. They show pictures of smart, smiling people driving tanks, flying aircraft and using other 'boy's toys'.

How the American public view the issue

The way Americans view war, is as if it is something glorious and that it is definitely needed for us to survive. That isn't true for so many reason.

1. War isn't necessary

2. We get into war that isn't our fight

3. We tell U.S citizens that our war helps us be glorious

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How the military views the issue

The military views the issue by telling the american population that war is necessary to keep peace. Now as contradictory as that might sound it is something that all military personal believe. But truthfully if everyone came to one level and talked and helped each other things would be better.
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