Ryan D Worth

Yes the D is for Design

The Ryan between two Job Opportunities

I have always seen myself as a Graphic Designer. Being part of your dynamic team in the Graphic Designer position would be a dream come true. You will see in below examples that I do have a flare for design, especially in print design as that is where the most of my design experience has come from.

Part of my urge to do more design work and my understanding of various coding languages has pushed my design interests further into Web Design and Development. It began some time ago with HTML but I have grown from this to JavaScript(including libraries like jQuery and Dojo Toolkit), CSS, PHP(with CMS like drupal, WordPress and Xoops)

Ryan Worth

I am currently working for The Sticker Co where I operate 3 digital wide format printers.

In the search of a job with more of a design aspect I recently applied for and am employed by Fraser Coast Anglican College as the web developer in their webmaster team.

This is only 1 day a fortnight with some work at home but it has cemented my opinion that a graphic design job is where I want to be.