Beer's Law Lab

Lab Procedure

Before you start the Lab, there are a few steps you need to take to become successful!

1. Connect the Colorimeter to the computer and open Logger Pro. Then open the file "ll b~

Beer's Law"

2. Next fill a cuvette about 3/4 full of water. Then place it in the Colorimeter.

3. Then place the cuvette in the colorimeter. Make sure the setting is on 635 nm. Then press the Cal button.

4. Then you can start collecting your data. Press collect at the top of the screen, once your Colorimeter has collected the absorbance of the solution press Keep. When you press the keep button a box will pop up. In this box you have to record the percent solution. After you do this 8 times with all the different solutions, you can press Stop.

How to Make a Solution

To make a solution , you need to base it off of 100%

1. First you need to grab a graduated cylinder, pipet, water, and the solute.

2. Then you need to use the pipet and measure out the amount of solute you need for the solution. For example, If you need a 10% solution you will measure out 10 mL of the solute in the graduated cyclinder.

3. Then you add the water to the solute in the graduated cylinder. Make sure the solution is at 100 mL after the water is added. For example, if a 10% solution is needed you will add 90 mL of water to the solute.

Beer's Law Lab Graph

Big image

Unknown Solution

With comparison to the solutions in the graph, the unknown solution came out to be 30%.