Physical and Chemical Smore

By Hannah Francis period 1

Physical property

Characteristics that describe an object volume,hardness,color,luster,density,solubility,odor,temperature at which solids melt and liquids boil, taste

  • color
  • size
  • shape

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Chemical property

A characteristic that is observed when a substance interacts with another substance (ability to rust ability to burn,ability to tarnish).

These are properties that can't be determined just by looking at or touching a substance.

  • ability to burn
  • ability to tarnish
  • ability to rust
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Physical change

A change that alters the form or cutting appearance of a material but does not change. The material into another substance.

  • cutting paper
  • melting plastic
  • freezing ice

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Chemical change

(Chemical Reaction) a change in matter that produces a substance with properties different from the original substance.

  • an explosion
  • a nail rusting
  • food digesting in my stomach

5 indicators of Chemical change

  1. color change
  2. change in temperature
  3. gas produced (not boiling)
  4. 2 liquids react to make a solid
  5. change in properties ( density,smell,taste,texture,melting points,boiling points,hardness,etc.)

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Physical & Chemical Properties