American Nationalism

Lexi Koch

American v. Fench culture

There are many differences of practice from these two countries. France practice an appreciation for their meals especially dinner. English people are not as savoring with their food, they usually eat pretty fast. The French are known for baguettes, quiches and other delicious food.French culture was influenced by the Celtics and other German cultures. English is more originated based off french culture so they are relate able. France has informal and formal conversations, unlike English the words are the same, but used in different tones. French the words are completely different with spelling and meaning. In France there is a rich line of history architecture. In America not much history is shown on the outside. The French appreciate art more than anything. Music and other arts are very cherished, unlike the USA. Their language is to be very preserved. They greet with a kiss on the cheek, called la bis. In America we usually greet with a handshake or hug. America is more free in religious aspects, France has outlawed the face covering veil. The naked body is something very amazing in France. The French consume almost two times as much alcohol as american citizens do. America is a very independent country, as to where France is solidarity depending on groups for help.

French Summary

Amérique et la France sont des cultures très différentes . La France est plus sensible dans tout. Je aime les croyances qu'ils ont. Ils ne ont pas autant de liberté que l'Amérique . Les pays ne sont pas très semblables
American students in Paris (France VS USA) - Brooklyn College News