Tyler Barrymore

Life on Path

Early Life

Tyler was born on October 2nd, 1995 at Catawba Valley Medical Center. He was raised by his grandmother Kathryn Finger. He attended South Newton Elementary School, NCMS, and NCHS. He made good grades all through school. He always had a pride card and good behavior. He always helped in the the community and volunteered at the local soup kitchen. He was always ready to help out the society. He was always pretty good at sports. He was one of two people to make the middle school basketball team. He and Thomas were the only two seventh graders to make the team. That transitioned into high school when he played varsity basketball as a sophomore. He also played tennis and that was his strong sport. He quit basketball after his sophomore year to concentrate on his tennis game. He was a state champion his freshmen year and was all conference his sophomore and junior year. He placed third in conference his sophomore year and him and his doubles partner are ranked second in the state his junior year.

Road to Greatness

Tyler started putting in 100% and won 2 state championships and colleges started looking at him. He went to college on a tennis scholarship and this was just the start to his successful life.
Husker Prayer

After college

Tyler still continued his hard work and dedication into the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP World Tour). He climbed up the ranking and got to the top. He won 9 Wimbledon titles which broke the record. He started his own brand of clothing named after him.


After he retired he wanted to help children that loved the game of tennis. He started a tennis camp to help children develop their tennis game to the best of their abilities. This camp was nation wide and many people came from all over to be a part of it.