Sparta Visual Essay

Jack D and Sam B


Sparta was a city-state in the time of the ancient greeks. They were a competive warring polis that was known for their army and militrary, as well as their army and military training. Education, society treatment, and government were big things in their city-state. As you will see in the following ways, spartans valued their education, their society treatment, and thier government very seriously.

Treatment in Sparta

In society of Sparta, there was not much of a huge difference in benefits but different types of people got different types of treatment. For example, all of the men in Sparta got military training to be part of their army. If a man was either too weak or he didn’t want to be in the army, he would pretty much be rejected. For women, they would be the people that maintained the family and the house. The women would get education and they would keep their families in shape and do other household acts. The children did not get much of a different treatment than their parents. At the age of seven, boys would begin military training and the girls would start being educated at an early age as well. These points show that there wasn’t much of a difference in terms of benefits in the society of Sparta.
Eduacation in Sparta