Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit

Fall 2020 Newsletter

Advocating for Early Intervention

Thanks to the services Early Intervention students receive, they develop and learn to their fullest potential and are able to enter elementary school better prepared for success. Thousands will either require no special education services, or the level of support they need will be reduced. Ensure EI programs receive fair funding by visiting the links below!

Education in Pandemic Times

Teachers, bus drivers and school staff are unsung heroes! In these times, they have adapted beyond measure to make sure our students are still able to safely learn - virtual or face to face. Students have diligently been wearing masks, sanitizing their hands and work stations and learning how to pivot in these times of uncertainty. Learning has taken on a different face amidst Coronavirus concerns. Classrooms are hybrid, meaning half virtual and half face to face, fully virtual, or fully face to face - which leads to stricter safety reforms. Whatever the case may be, Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit is working to be sure our students are safe, cared for and reassured.

Program Highlight

Youth Forestry Camp