Bentley Middle School News

From the desk of Mrs. Brockmon

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March is Reading Month!

We are celebrating with riddles. Every day the riddle of the day is announced and students can turn their answers into the office. Three students with the correct answer are drawn at the end of the day for a prize.

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Science Update

Students in Ms. Vineyard's 7th grade class were able to build an organ with an online module.

Mr. Stone's 6th grade class has been discussing state of matter and density.

Mrs. Cooper's 8th graders are learning about the nebular hypothesis and models of the universe.

STEM students are building bridges; robotics students are assembling robots.

Social Studies Update

8th grade has been learning about Michigan's role in the underground railroad.

Ms. Zell's 6th grade has been discussing how geography is used to interpret the past, understand the present and plan for the future.

The 7th grade has been contemplating the question "Which has a greater impact: the environment on people or people on the environment?"

Math Update

Algebra students have been learning about Vertex form equations.

Math students were also able to participate in the Pi Day 5K on March 14 thanks to Mrs. Frey and Mrs. Endicott!

ELA Update

All grade levels have been working with non-fiction texts, reading independently and learning about text structures.

Electives Update

Art: Students have been working on solving environmental issues.

Communications 8: Researching famous speakers and analyzing their speaking skills.

Communications 7: Presenting "How To" speeches.

6th Grade PE: Dr. Dodgeball, Yoshi, California Kickball

7th/8th Grade PE: Ultimate Frisbee

6th Grade Music: composing music

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, April 13th, 3:30-7pm

1180 North Belsay Road

Burton, MI

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