By: Jonathan Briggs


Botswana is located south In Africa. It is bordered by Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa. It has a lot of resources. Even Rivers.


  • 200-500 AD, The Bantu people Crossed the Limpopo River.
  • 1095- Botswana found new culture
  • 1050- Mapungbwe Started exploration.
  • 750 AD- East Coast Shells were traded
  • 1450- Butua went onwards


There are groups In Botswana. The Setswana, The Batswana. The Whole country has a name for the people. Batswana's.
Hymne national du Botswana


The President is the head of state. Also the head of government. Legislative is in Parliment.


Since Independence they have had fastest Economy grow rate. Growing 9% Every year. Foundation built on diamond mining

Top 5 Locations

  1. Chobe National park
  2. Okanvango Delta
  3. Tsodilo hills
  4. Nxai Pan national park
  5. Tuli Block