US-The rise of the industry age

Caleb Nimlos

Samuel F.B. Morse

Who: Samuel Finley Breese Morse was the inventor of Morse code

What: Samuel Morse made several improvements to the telegraph and made morse code but before that he took up painting he studied in England. Made the one wire telegraph

Why: he made the one-wire telegraph cause he needed a challenge to make

Where: Lemelson-MIT program

The Union Pacific

Who: the Union Pacific was a railroad company hired to make the railroad across the states.

What: The Union Pacific was a railroad company hired by the government to build a railroad across the U.S.

Why:cause then got as much as $16,000 to $48,000 per mile of track that was a lot back then

Where:CPRR Discussion Group

The great Railroad Strike Of 1877

Who: the worker on the railroad go on strike

What: the government lowers the railroad workers salary and the worker got mad and started to go on strike so the government pull out the states militia but they see the workers side.

Why:cause the salary was lowered so we go on strike

Where:Digital History

trusts law

who: the Sherman Anti-Trusts laws

what:the trust law are named after senator john sherman for one man to hold one other mans crop

why: so one could go on summer break

where:our document